Dolomite Lime

Dolomite Lime
Product Description
Hard Dolomite Lime offered by Srinath Enterprises mainly comprises CaCO3 x MgCO3. The product has a very high demand in the export market due to its finest and pure quality. The product is 100 % Eco-friendly and used to increase soil's pH value and decrease acidity. It is at times used as a flux for the smelting of iron and steel. The processed version of the product holds a great significance in making float glass. Dolomite Lime is resistant to decay under any kind of external condition and is durable for a good number of years.

Production of Product:

The formulation of Dolomite Lime has been found to happen under anaerobic atmospheres in supersaturated saline tidal ponds. Usually felt that dolomite will formulate just with the assistance of sulfate-diminishing microorganisms. In any case, low-temperature dolomite may happen in common habitats that are enriched with microbial cell surfaces and natural matter. This happens because of magnesium complexation via carboxyl batches related to the natural matter.


  • Other Name : calcium, dicarbonate powder, and magnesium
  • Molecular Weight : 184.4002
  • Molecular Formula : C2CaMgO6
  • CAS Number : 16389-88-1
  • PubChem CID : 61833

Chemical/Physical Property:

  • Molecular Weight (g/mol.) : 184.4
  • Bulk Density (lbs./ft3) : 50.8-68.2
  • Color (Fired) : white to brown
  • Melting Point (°C) : ~2570- 4660
  • Boiling Point (°C) : N/A
  • GE Brightness : 79.6
  • Absorption, ASTM C127 : 0.75
  • Mohs Hardness : 3.5- 4.0
  • L.O.I. : 46 - 47
  • Specific Gravity : 2.83- 2.9


1) Our Dolomite Lime is utilized as a decorative stone, a solid aggregate, magnesium oxide and for the making of magnesium.
2) In agriculture, it is included to soilless potting mixes and soils like pH support as well as a magnesium source.
3) This dolomite is likewise utilized as the substrate in marine aquariums to enable support changes in water pH.
4) It is likewise utilized as an impetus for the obliteration of tar in the biomass gasification at elevated temperatures.
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